Costs & Earnings

How much will my PV solar system cost?

The final cost of a photo voltaic installation will depend upon three primary factors…

The size of your system: The number of panels installed will, of course, affect the final price… but remember, the total generating capability of your panels will also determine the capacity, and cost, of the inverter necessary to handle the current.

The equipment brands selected: There are a range of manufacturers producing panels and inverters. Our surveyor will outline the differences in price and performance, but the final choice is yours.

The construction of your roof and ease of access: The type of roof, the need for scaffolding and the length of cable runs are all factored into the final cost of installation.


Cost calculations

The following three examples assume average cable runs and no special requirements, such as extensive scaffolding, during installation.

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2 KiloWatt hour…

Purchase and installation cost from; £2,500
Revenue & savings of £409 per annum, paying for itself within 5-6 years, earning a tax free total savings and income of £12,500 by year 20

3 KiloWatt hour…

Purchase and installation cost from; £3,750
Total revenue & savings projected to be £3,381 in year 5, increasing to £19,434, tax-free, after 20 years

4 KiloWatt hour

Purchase and installation cost from; £4,500
Expected total revenue & savings of £4,509 in 5 years, rising to a tax-free £25,912 by year 20