Biosol Renewables UK Biomass installation at Pro Office Merthyr.

Biosol Renewables UK on the 30th November 2016 commissioned the installation of a Froling TM500 at Pro Office Merthyr Tydfil. It was a TURNKEY installation from building the plant room, creating a fuel store to house the fuel (fuel is from the wood waste from the Pro Office production waste, which is recycled into the fuel store and burned via the Froling TM500 biomass system. This case study outlines the professional aspect of the work undertaken. (The image above is of the finished plant room).fullsizeoutput_9d

Above images of different parts of the project, all essential  in order to produce heating load via a wet and fan system though out the building

The project centred around utilising Pro Office (Abox) need to manage their wood waste and use it as a fuel. Which the boiler has been commissioned to utilise.

Team from Biosol Renewables UK that made this project happen.
Happy customers.
A handshake that matters, Project handed over to Pro Office (Abox).