GE Doors Manufacturing

Project 1

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GE Doors Project 1

Biosol Renewables have installed a Froling TM500 into the first Phase of the GE Door manufacturing site. Where all the wood waste is now recycled and blown via a wood chipper into the Fuel Store and fed into the Biomass system so all the waste wood product is burnt and converted into heat for the factory.

Biosol Renewables designed and installed this bespoke system

Project 2

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 GE Doors project 2

The second phase of our project was to design and install a Biomass system to dispose of the wood dust waste that is created, which the first project was not commissioned to burn.

The wood dust waste is compressed into 50mm tubes and feed into the fuel store.
Again GE Doors have achieved via Biosol Renewables design and installation of a bespoke system to burn their wood waste into a heating source for the manufacturing plant.