R&A Properties – Project 1 & 2

1 Mega watt Biomass Development.

Biosol Renewables UK Limited have constructed a 1 mega watt Biomass bespoke system at R & A Properties in Llangennach.


The System was utilising 2 500 KW biomass boilers cascading and hydraulically connecting them together, this was the first part of the project and was commissioned on 22nd June 2016.

Biosol Renewables UK Limited are now looking to develop a further installations on the Stradey Park Business park site. (see graphic)Stradey Business Park Site.png

Biosol Renewables UK has just completed another two 500 KW boilers as illustrated below. It was a totally turnkey Biosol Renewables UK solution, from system design to building plant rooms and fuel stores, mechanical and electrical installation of the Biomass systems.

In partnership with R&A Properties.