Tir Powell Ddu

This is an ongoing project.

Biosol Renewables UK are installing the first ever boiler to burn horse manure in the UK. it is via a Swebo Biotherm system.

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schematics swebo biotherm.


  • The SWEBO BioTherm is available in versions from 80 kw to 1000 kw.
  • The burner is available in both single and double design versions.
  • The SWEBO BioTherm double version is adapted for scalable operation
  • Examples of compatible fuels:
    • Horse manure (moisture content up to 50%)
    • Moist wood chips (moisture content up to 61%)
    • Waste pellets
    • Traditional pellets
    • Harvesting residue
    • offal, etc.
  • Extremely low emissions.
  • combustion temperature in the combustion chamber approx. 850 degrees
  • combustion temperature in the secondary pipes/SCC approx. 1,100 degrees
  • SWEBO Backup automatic backup function with pellets that automatically comes into force unless the manure can be fired or if it runs out.